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Make your own Organic Non-Toxic Skin Care Videos

Welcome to Make your own Skin Care videos

I'm glad you've made the choice to live a more Non- Toxic life starting with your skin. 
You will also find checklists to download so you can make sure you are looking at all areas of your home and life. 
It's all a choice, you make the choice for you and your family. 
If you have any questions please feel free to email me or message me on Instagram. @sophiasconsciousjourney or @pinkseedco
These have been done in my kitchen to show you how easy it is to make at home and to make it realistic, things go right, things go wrong..
We can trouble shoot together.. Enjoy. !! 
I have worked hard on these recipes, videos and knowledge over the years.
Please don't share this page with anyone else.
Thank you so much :-) 











Please download the following pdf for all recipes: 

Dropbox pdf

Please DO NOT download the videos.. 

Video One: Introduction and why we do what we do.. 

Dropbox Video 1

Video Two: How to make Face Serum 

Dropbox Video 2

Video Three: How to make Whipped Body Butter 

Dropbox Video 3

Video Four: How to make Break Up Make Up Balm and Cleanser  

Dropbox Video 4

Video Five: How to make Deodrant

Dropbox Video 5

Video Six: How to make Lip Balm  

Dropbox Video 6

Don't forget to drop me a email and let me know how you got on...